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Brooks versus Lil T at the Charlie Parks Tribute show

This past Friday night the VCA fans were excited about the debut of newcomer Lil T. The welcome for Lil T was overwhelming as fans cheered as loud as they could for the debuting cruiserweight star, but this would be short lived as Brooks made an announcement.  After feeling embarrassed and insulted by T at the past Super Show event, ... Read More »


This Friday’s show is promising to be a great one with a great night of action for the VCA fans!  Terra Rae is dedicated to bringing the best action in the mid-south and this week won’t be any different.  Showcasing the best cruiser weight action in the area, Malik will battle Andreas Sanchez and newcomer Lil T in a triple ... Read More »


VCA opened the doors for former WWE women’s champion, Jazz, this past Friday night and boy did she make an impact on the company.  VCA owner, Terra Rae, challenged Jazz weeks before claiming she was going to drag Jazz from one end of the studio to the next, but for those that were in attendance that wasn’t the case.  From ... Read More »


No one can deny that last month’s past Super Show was extravagant, but more than anything fans are still talking about what happened after the tag contest between Malik, Brooks, Allen Dalton, and Chris Evans. Everyone wants to know just who was the guy that attacked Malik and Brooks as they were attacking a referee. Well we’ve gotten to the ... Read More »


What a night from this past Friday’s Super Show! The event turned out to be a success as the entire studio was flooded with great fans ranging from different age groups. One member of the VCA roster that wasn’t that successful was Andreas Sanchez. I know you’re probably asking yourself, “but didn’t Sanchez defeat Rodney Mack in the 5 minute ... Read More »

Tonight is the night!

​Ladies and gentlemen, the time is here, this Friday night VCA presents it’s Supershow and boy do we have a great lineup! First we have the return of the VCA tag team championship. The Junior champion, Brooks, will team with Malik to take on the team of Allen Dalton and Chris Evans. The winners of this match will be crowned ... Read More »


This upcoming Friday’s weekly event at the VCA studio promises to be a good one as we prepare for VCA’s Supershow Friday, July 1st! The past week, fans witnessed Big Tiny announce that he would accept Johnny “The Sleeper” Gilbert’s challenge at the Supershow after Gilbert’s cowardly attack weeks ago. After he’s done with Gilbert, Tiny said he’s going to ... Read More »


With so much craziness that took place this past Friday night and a record of one hundred and ten fans jammed packed into the VCA studio, Terra Rae has decided to allow some of the VCA stars to release some built-up frustration this Friday night! One of the matches already booked for this Friday night is the current Juniorvative champion, ... Read More »


VCA will like to wish Andreas Sanchez a speedy recovery! Sanchez was taken out of action weeks ago when he competed against Brooks in singles action. Just as it would seem as if Sanchez would pull off the victory, Rodney Mack entered the ring and attacked Sanchez. Making matters worse, Mack delivered two piledrivers to Sanchez injuring the neck of ... Read More »

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