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Dwayne sustains injury

This past Saturday night at the Velocity Clash IX VCA referee turned wrestler Dwayne competed against Cymba and “Memphis Cowboy” Johnny Ewing in a Triple Threat Contest during the opening contest. During the contest, Dwayne showcased his speed and quickness in outsmarting the heavyweights hoping Johnny Ewing or Cymba would soon gas out. The former number one contender for the ... Read More »

Justice and Uncle Calvin are no more!

This past Saturday night at the Velocity Clash VIII, Justice’s year long contract expired with Uncle Calvin. The two became business associates a year ago in which Uncle Calvin insisted he’d help Justice obtain the heavyweight championship in due time. Uncle Calvin fulfilled that promise when Justice competed against Big Tiny in which Uncle Calvin aided Justice in securing the ... Read More »

The future of Big Tiny?

Last night fans witnessed an outstanding contest between VCA’s fan favorite Big Tiny and VCA’s former hero Justice. The two competed in a Battle of the Chokeslam contest for the highest stake in the company, the VCA heavyweight championship. Things seemed to be going in Tiny’s favor, that is until Justice inadvertently took out the referee ending with moments without ... Read More »

Miraculous versus Clark!?!

Miraculous debuts new rainbow attire Daniel Miraculous competed against Brian Valor this past Saturday night at the Velocity Clash VII and things didn’t go as planned for the former Juniorvative champion. In fact, Miraculous left the ring disappointed and unsatisfied that night. It’s rumored that Miraculous will speak on his loss this Friday night. Then, this Friday night the Miraculous ... Read More »

New challenges for Q

The VCA Juniorvative champion, “Chicago Kid” Q, showcased his talent this past Saturday night at the Velocity Clash VII by defending and retaining his junior championship against challenger Dwayne. Although the ending was somewhat controversial, Q walked out with the Juniorvative championship. As of this moment, there’s no number one contender for Q’s junior championship which means the champ can ... Read More »

VCA official to become miraculous?

As of late, the VCA stars have become tired and impatient with dealing with one of the top officials of the VCA roster. That official is referee Tavis, but no one has become more impatient than former Juniorvative champion Daniel Miraculous. It’s been rumored that Miraculous informed certain members of the roster that Tavis’ officiating has constantly caused him and ... Read More »

Triple Threat Contest at the Clash VII

As mentioned before, Terra Rae said a month ago at the beginning of 2019 that it was time to uplift VCA by bringing in some of the top talent around the World. In all fairness, Terra held tight to those words by bringing in talent such as the legendary “Superstar” Bill Dundee who happens to be someone who has main ... Read More »

Sanchez to confront Miraculous this Friday

After surviving an outstanding contest and retaining his Juniorvative championship this past Friday night against returning star Lil T, Daniel Miraculous is now faced with yet another challenge that will take place Sunday, August 5th at the 2018 Charlie Parks Tribute event. The new challenge for Miraculous’ junior championship involves another returning VCA star, Andreas Sanchez. Miraculous announced this past ... Read More »

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