Wednesday , 21 August 2019
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What’s next?

Now that VCA’s Verdict has passed, we’re wondering what’s next for the stars of VCA!?! Xander Raines’ returned last week and received one of the greatest receptions of the night. Not only did Raines receive a standing ovation, but Raines saved the job of Fred Jackson by defeating Big Tiny via count out. As our crew caught up with Raines ... Read More »

Allen Dalton remains the Juniorvative champion!

This past Friday night turned out to be an action packed night full of excitement and disappointment. Fans packed the VCA studio and we’re treated to the best action in the Mid-South. VCA delivered and took its stance as the best professional wrestling company in Memphis, Tn. Backing this statement, Allen Dalton defended his Juniorvative championship against Syn in what ... Read More »

New VCA tag team champions!

Fans and wrestlers alike are still talking about VCA’s Verdict that took place last night at the VCA studio. With a packed house last night, the wrestlers didn’t disappoint one fan. A match that took everyone by surprise was the match for the VCA tag team championship. Brooks and Anthony Payne defended their tag team titles against the team of ... Read More »

Xander Raines returns!

VCA’s Verdict took place last night and the show didn’t disappoint. Fans packed the VCA studio ready for non-stop action. One match that didn’t disappoint was the match between Big Tiny versus Fred Jackson. The stipulations of this match was if Jackson didn’t win he would be fired from the company. Jackson would enter the studio first and he was ... Read More »

VCA’s Verdict tonight!

Velocity Championship Action’s Verdict is tonight at 8pm! Tickets for everyone are only $10 so make sure to arrive at the venue early in order to acquire a good seat. The action at Verdict will be hot and heavy from start to finish! Crazy Jack will go one on one against Terra Rae’s personal body guard, Jake, in what is ... Read More »

Tiny takes on referee Fred Jackson at Verdict!?!

would say was a controversial ending. During the ending of the match, both Tiny and Justice’s arms covered one another, but referee Fred Jackson counted Tiny’s shoulders down and awarded the match to Justice. Tiny argued after the match claiming he and Justice’s shoulders were down, but Fred wasn’t hearing it. One would think it would end there, but it ... Read More »

VCA tag titles and heavyweight title on the line in the same match at Verdict!

This Friday night the VCA tag team champions, Brooks and Anthony Payne, will defend their championship titles against Chris Evans and the VCA heavyweight champion, Kaptain Justice. Of course some would say there’s nothing unique about this match, but let’s dig a little further. Stacking the odds more, Terra Rae announced that Kaptain Justice’s heavyweight championship will also be on ... Read More »

Syn and Allen Dalton set to meet at Verdict!

The war between Syn and Allen Dalton ignited after Dalton, who sympathized with his friend Andres Sanchez, told Sanchez that he’d watch his back no matter what. Syn, at that time was sending cryptic messages, so no one knew his identity, but as it was revealed Sanchez was shocked as he and Syn never had issues with one another. If ... Read More »

This Friday night!

VELOCITY CHAMPIONSHIP ACTION THIS FRIDAY NIGHT!   VCA will present live wrestling action this Friday! VCA is always brought to you in the VCA Studios and prices are only $10 for ADULTS and $5 for KIDS. Children 5 AND UNDER get in free! We are on the Road to VERDICT and tensions have gotten high! Last week was full of ... Read More »

Introducing the Ironclad match

VCA’S VERDICT Presents: VCA HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH IRONCLAD MATCH KAPTAIN JUSTICE(C)        V. JAKE   Here at Velocity Championship Action we have witnessed some very unique and entertaining matches. Things like where weapons have been hung from poles, Ladder Matches, First Blood and the list goes on. It is always exciting to bear witness to the first of something and at VERDICT. ... Read More »

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