Tuesday , 4 August 2020
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Allen Dalton versus Malik this Friday!

This Friday night, we here at the VCA offices can confirm that Allen Dalton and Malik will face one another! Allen asked for the match this past Friday night after finding out that Malik was the person responsible for trying to run him down in the parking lot last month. As you’ve already heard, a heated Dalton gave exclusive backstage ... Read More »

Allen’s perpetrator revealed!

This Friday night, Terra Rae said she’s obtained exclusive footage of the perpetrator who tried running Allen Dalton down in the studio parking lot a month ago. As you remember, someone stole Malik’s vehicle and tried running Allen Dalton over in the parking lot while Dalton was on his cell phone. Details were sketchy as Allen couldn’t clearly make out ... Read More »

Breaking News!

We here at the VCA offices continue to bring you the latest breaking news as it’s received. Big Tiny just barged into the office of Terra Rae and informed the boss that he no longer wanted to wait until the Supershow Friday, June 3rd to receive his heavyweight championship match against Rodney Mack. Tiny reveled that he wanted his heavyweight ... Read More »

MegaFest results!

VCA’s spring spectacular, MegaFest, was full of excitement and action from the opening bout til the final match. The night started off with the number one contendership for the heavyweight championship match between Chris Evans and Big Tiny. Evans showed lots of drive and determination, but there was only so much the 2015 Rookie of the Year could do against ... Read More »

MegaFest tonight!

Tonight is the night, that’s right it’s MegaFest! MegaFest goes down tonight at 8pm and advanced tickets are completely sold out! Tickets at the door are $25 for adults and $10 for kids. The event takes place at the VCA studio in Memphis, Tn. 3035 Directors Row inside the Directors Plaza II Suite E. As mentioned on the official VCA ... Read More »

5 minute Challenge!

This Friday is VCA’s MegaFest and fans are livid about the spring spectacular being only days away. One of the most anticipated bouts is the VCA heavyweight championship match between champion Rodney Mack and challenger Andreas Sanchez. To many, this match was for sure to be a slaughter fest waiting to happen because no one had faith in Sanchez winning ... Read More »

Terra Rae versus Amber

This Friday night not only will the VCA men be in action, but the women of the VCA will be in action too! The CEO of the company, Terra Rae, will compete against the camera woman, Amber. This match came about when Amber voiced her opinion about the way Rae ran her company to others in the company. Amber insisted ... Read More »

Big Tiny versus Chris Evans

Friday nights will never be the same after this year’s MegaFest this Friday night at 8pm. VCA is promising to bring the best show possible this Friday night and you’ll only see it in the only weekly running professional wrestling company in Memphis, VCA! Unless you’ve been under a rock, Big Tiny will go one on one with Chris Evans ... Read More »

Johnny Gilbert versus Xander Raines

Friday night will be a night of Mayhem as VCA presents it’s spring spectacular event, MegaFest. The event is for sure to bring fans a night of action and memorable moments. One match occurring this Friday is the Bunkhouse Brawl match between Xander Raines and Johnny Gilbert. Raines has specialized in these type of matches due to his country background ... Read More »

Friday, April 29th

This Friday night the VCA stars will once again blow the roof off the place with great action and entertainment that’ll you’ll only find in VCA. Terra Rae informed us here at the VCA offices that she’ll once again confront the camera woman and this time their meeting will be like no other. We’re not certain on what the boss ... Read More »

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