Monday , 11 December 2023
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VCA Street Fight match this Friday night

We’ve spoken on several matches for this upcoming Friday at the anniversary show, but one that will for surely get the blood pumping is that between Chris Evans and Jake. Recently, Terra Rae announced the two will participate in a VCA Street Fight match where it pretty much will be anything goes. One can only assume Rae added this stipulation …

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First Blood match this Friday night

This Friday night at VCA’s four year anniversary show, Allen Dalton will go one on one with Syn in a First Blood match. For those unfamiliar with the match, the only way for a participant to win the match is to force their opponent to bleed, meaning there’s no pinfall or submission. This type of match was built for rivals …

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Halloween show this Friday night

Terra Rae just informed us that this Friday she will be teaming with Big Tiny in taking on Kaptain Justice and Allen Dalton. Rae insists she has nothing to worry about because Big Tiny has beaten both participants numerous times and has guaranteed her Dalton nor Justice will lay a finger on her. Rae claims she’s looking forwards to the …

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Chris Evans versus Jake II

Terra Rae just informed us here at the VCA office that newcomer Chris Evans will go one on one with hardcore enthusiast Jake Friday, November 6th at the anniversary show. Rae said she booked this match after seeing how Jake and Evans still got some unresolved issues after viewing the ending of their match this past Friday. Terra claims once …

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The new number one contender

With so much going on in the VCA lately, most would forget that Allen Dalton is the new number one contender for the VCA heavyweight championship. Although weight class isn’t an issue or factor when competing for the heavyweight championship, Dalton packed on extra pounds just to prove to everyone that he’s taking his number one contendership serious. Dalton realizes …

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Friday night results

If you missed this past Friday’s event, you missed out on a ton of action and a lot of drama! The night kicked off with Terra Rae and the VCA heavyweight champion Big Tiny. Rae informed everyone that after speaking with Tiny on his match with Kaptain Justice on November 6th she decided not to allow the two to compete …

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Huge events coming your way

If you thought the VCA had been on fire lately you’ve seen nothing yet. There are so many big events right around the corner that’s for surely to get fans and wrestlers riled up. One event is the Anniversary show which is taking place Friday, November 6 at 8pm. All tickets for this event will be $10. The show will …

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Anthony Payne gone for good?

We noted days ago that Anthony Payne suffered a serious injury after being assaulted by TNA Impact Wrestling’s Dj Z and VCA’s Juniorvative champion Brooks. Payne and Malik put up a good fight, but Brooks and Dj Z wouldn’t allow the two to walk away with the win. Malik suffered minor injuries after being nailed once by Brooks in the …

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Halloween Massacre results!

ast night VCA welcomed Halloween Massacre with open arms and the event didn’t disappoint! A packed house was treated to great action and an international superstar, TNA Impact Wrestling’s Dj Z. The event kicked off with two individuals that are no strangers to one another that being Syn and Allen Dalton. Syn challenged Dalton the week before claiming Dalton’s win …

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Halloween Massacre right around the corner

This Friday night the VCA stars continue on the road to Halloween Massacre which will feature TNA Impact Wrestling’s Dj Zema Ion. The event is scheduled to take place Friday, October 9th. Also that night, Kaptain Justice will defend his heavyweight championship against the Beast Xander Raines. Raines said it isn’t about the championship, but Raines claims it’s about Justice …

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