Monday , 11 December 2023
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Friday night results and this Friday’s show!

VCA is the place to be every Friday night at 8pm. Adults only pay ten bucks and kids pay less by paying five dollars. No one can beat our Friday night prices so bring the entire family out for a treat. This past Friday the VCA fans witnessed the Brooks and Allen Dalton saga escalate to an all time high. …

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Great action coming your way!

Friday, September 4th is drawing near and fans can’t wait to see who’s going to come out on top. There will be two top championships on the line, the Juniorvative and heavyweight championship. As mentioned in a recent article, both champions have respectfully held their titles for over five months so one can’t help but to think the tank is …

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Friday results 8/14/15

This past Friday night the VCA crew stunned the audience with an action packed night full of energy and excitement! The night kicked off with Chris Evans who informed the live audience enough was enough and it was time he confronted Terra Rae. Rae arrived in the studio all jittery and blushing only to find out Evans wanted nothing to …

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This Friday night 8/14/15

This upcoming Friday, the stars of VCA continue on their journey to the big Friday, September 4th show. This Friday, Anthony Payne takes on Suicide in singles action. The match is for sure to be a good one as this will be the two first meeting. We’re not sure on Payne’s direction in the company, but we’re sure Payne has …

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Longevity of the VCA champions….

One great thing about a company is there’s always a great leader. The leader of the company leads by example and will do whatever he or she can in making sure the company stays afloat. In VCA, the VCA superstars, Allen Dalton and Kaptain Justice, have shown just that as they’ve been VCA champions for over five months. No one …

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Friday, September 4th

Ladies and gentlemen, the stage has been set and Friday, September 4th the VCA heavyweight champion, Kaptain Justice, will go one on one against a debuting Nick Lowe. We don’t know much about Lowe, but we do know he’s a big guy with a bad attitude. This comes weeks after finding out Justice is to defend his championship against Xander …

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VCA’s Friday night results!

The Charlie Parks Tribute show might be over, but it’s clear to see the action at the VCA studio is not. This past Friday the VCA fans witnessed the blossom of a new feud between Juniorvative champion, Allen Dalton, and former champion Brooks. Brooks opened the show and informed everyone he’s more focused than ever and wanted what was his, …

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Friday night results 7/31/15

Last night the VCA crew rocked the house with competitive matches from the opening match to closing. The show opened with what Terra Rae claimed would be a heart felt speech she’s been waiting to deliver for weeks. Rae began by informing everyone Chris Evans was the one trying to sleep his way to the top and she wanted no …

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