Friday , 5 March 2021
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Crazy Jack’s message to Kaptain Justice

We’re getting closer and closer to VCA’s Broken Hearts that’ll be taken place Friday, February 6 at the VCA studio. As we quickly approach the event, Crazy Jack’s antics continues to become more bizarre. Jack recently told us in an interview that the only thing he’s seeking is for Kaptain Justice’s soul to burn in hell where it belongs. We ... Read More »

2 out of 3 series continues

This Friday night, Malik and Allen Dalton will continue the best 2 out of 3 series with the colossus team of Big Country. Malik and Dalton have yet to get on the score board whereas Big Country easily won the first match of the series just as Big Country said they’d do. Dalton and Malik have continued to struggle in ... Read More »

Terra Rae signs a fan!

The night started off with Terra Rae calling out every single performer in the back. Rae wanted to get a few things understood that were and weren’t going to take place now that she’s back in power. The biggest shocker of the announcement is when Terra called out a fan by the name of Chris Evans. Terra informed everyone that ... Read More »

VCA’s Broken Hearts

VCA’s Broken Hearts takes place Friday, February 6 at 8pm. Tickets for the event is only $10 and kids under the age of 5 get in free. The match headlining the event and that has everyone talking is the Buried Alive match featuring Kaptain Justice and Crazy Jack. The match was made after the new owner, Terra Rae, insisted that ... Read More »

Terra Rae’s first order of business

Now that Terra Rae is back in power, Rae has made her first official match for VCA’s Broken Hearts Friday, February 6. Many may know by now that Terra can hold a grudge and this isn’t good news now that she’s back in power. Terra said that she was displeased with Kaptain Justice sticking his nose in her and Big ... Read More »

Breaking News!

Recently at VCA’s Extravaganza, everyone witnessed Allen Dalton defeat Big Tiny in what many would call pure luck due to Tiny getting himself disqualified by not complying with the referee’s orders. Fans throughout the studio were thrilled, but not just with Allen defeating Tiny, but with Dalton getting the chance to compete against Terra Rae afterwards for an opportunity of ... Read More »

Crazy Jack versus Kaptain Justice at VCA’s Broken Hearts

Crazy Jack versus Kaptain Justice will happen Friday, February 6 at VCA’s Broken Hearts. We just learned this after hearing that Crazy Jack not only wants to defeat Justice, but Jack wants to drag Justice’s soul to hell as well. Justice commented saying that Jack is going to be the one that’s going to hell, but Crazy Jack insists he’s ... Read More »

Championship titles in VCA

There have been so many great champions in the studio of 3035 Directors Row including Allen Dalton, Brooks, Xander Raines, Malik, Cymba, Big Tiny, Andres Sanchez, Anthony Payne, and more, but there has never been a VCA heavyweight champion. The VCA championship wasn’t really vacated because it never was acquired by anyone. Many wonder when will the title go up ... Read More »

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