Saturday , 13 July 2024
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New details on Big Tiny’s arrest

As everyone now know, Co-owner of Velocity Championship Action, Big Tiny, was arrested this past Friday night after Jason Hall returned to the company. Not only did Hall return to the company, but Hall returned to the company with vengeance as he had an officer of the law on property. Hall loudly informed the officer that Tiny had assualted him …

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Admission price change

In an effort to make sure VCA continues to bring the best wrestling action in the Mid-South, VCA has an all new ticket price for the weekly Friday night events. Beginning this Friday night, all tickets for VCA’s show will only be $10. Adult and kid tickets are $10. No more confusion or questions about the admission as all tickets …

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Friday, January 13th 

Things are already heating up with the new co owners of the company as it would seem that they’re attempting to show one another up this Friday night! Terra Rae has already stated that this Friday she’s giving Brooks a rematch against Lil T for the Juniorvative Championship! Wow! A rematch this Friday night at a regular show!?!  Also this …

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TGIF Wrestling this past Saturday night!

Last week, Big Tiny competed against Johnny Ewing with the stipulation that if Tiny loss the match Tiny would relinquish the company over to Terra Rae.   As everyone witnessed, Tiny did in fact lose the match after not being able to comply with the referee’s rules in an effort to punish Ewing in the worse possible way.  We, the …

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Big Tiny is the new VCA owner! 

As everyone now know, Big Tiny acquired the company, VCA, last week when he defeated Terra Rae in an Anything Goes match at Extravaganza.   The match itself wasn’t branded a winner takes ownership of the company, but Tiny was able to slide the stipulation in without Terra taking notice.  Tiny hasn’t wasted any time in office as he’s already …

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Breaking News Alert

This just in, Friday, December 2nd at Extravaganza, the Juniorvative champion, Brooks, will defend his Juniorvative championship in a Fatal Four Way match. The remaining participants names have been revealed as Andreas Sanchez, Michael “The Radio” Clark, and Lil T. Lately, Sanchez has ran into problems with both Lil T and Clark claiming that the two newcomers are nothing more …

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Johnny Gilbert fired! 

As everyone know by now, Johnny “The Sleeper” Gilbert is no longer with the company after this past Friday’s TGIF wrestling event. The match came about after Xander Raines entered into the studio and issued a challenge to anyone in the back after Daniel Miraculous went A-wall weeks ago. Raines said if he had to he would drag Terra Rae …

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Team Tiny wins big! 

What a great night of action this past Friday at the VCA studio! Fans were on their feet from the beginning of the show until the end. One of the standout moments from this past Friday night was the main event featuring Team Terra versus Team Tiny in an eight man elimination tag team match. The match didn’t disappoint as …

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Johnny’s new attitude!?!

This past Friday night, Johnny “The Sleeper” Gilbert competed against Lil T in singles action in which Lil T pulled of an upset over Gilbert. The win came surprising to some, but the aftermath is what shocked many. After the match, Gilbert tried explaining to the referee that he was robbed, but the referee wasn’t hearing it. Gilbert became so …

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