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This past Friday night the VCA fans were treated to some good wrestling and surprise fallouts. From friends fighting to surprise attacks, no one comprehended what would happen next.

The first match featured one half of the VCA tag team champions, Anthony Payne, taking on the Beast from Grenada, Xander Raines. No one knew Raines would be in attendance after being brutally attacked by Syn the previous week. Raines showed his toughness by not only appearing this past Friday, but by competing. Raines informed the live crowd Syn would have to do a lot more to take him out of action, especially with him recently returning.¬† Xander would prove even with an injury he’s capable of getting the job done. Raines got the victory over Payne after delivering a sick Moonshine Hangover, but this wouldn’t be Xander’s last appearance that evening.

The second contest featured the other half of the tag team champions, Brooks, competing against the VCA heavyweight champion, Kaptain Justice, in a singles non-title match. Before the contest began, Justice announced Friday, July 3rd he’d be taking on Tiny for the heavyweight championship. Justice said he’d make sure to get the festivities started early and he wasn’t referring to Roman candles. At some point in the match Brooks would call Payne down to ringside to aid him in his match with the heavyweight champion. This turned out to be a fatal mistake as Payne tried distracting the referee and Justice while Brooks got the leverage. Justice side stepped Brooks causing Brooks and Payne to collide allowing Justice to pick up the win with a school boy.

The cryptic message sender, now known as Syn, would grace the VCA audience in match 3. Syn claimed after he’s done wiping the mat with Xander Raines Friday, July 3rd he’s going to turn his attention to newcomer Chris Evans. Syn would compete against Crazy Jack, but in the end it was all Syn as Jack suffered defeat via Curb Stomp. Syn began celebrating heading to the back, but walked right into a big obstacle, and that obstacle was Xander Raines. Xander hammered Syn around the ring beating him from one end of the studio to the next. Fans cheered and yelled begging for Xander to dish out more. Luckily for Syn, Syn quickly rolled out the ring escaping the big man’s grasp.

The main event featured Malik and Allen Dalton taking on Big Tiny and Floki. Before the action could begin, Malik and Dalton had their own dilemma in the ring with one another. Dalton informed Malik Friday, July 3rd he wouldn’t take it easy on Malik just because they’re friends. Dalton added Malik would have to bring it because his Juniorvative championship was on the line and he was not about to let it go easy. Malik responded by telling Dalton he’d have it no other way. As if their disagreement wasn’t bad enough, Tiny entered and made matters worse by instigating the situation. Tiny informed Malik he better had watch Dalton because when a championship is on the line there’s no telling what a person might do. Malik began to question Dalton, but Dalton insured Malik he had nothing to worry about. Tiny added he didn’t care about the “little title” because it’s all about him and the heavyweight championship he’d be capturing Friday, July 3rd. The match itself would be a classic one, but in the end all hell broke out. Floki tried nailing Malik with a giant hammer, but Dalton was able to snatch the weapon away before Floki could utilize it. Dalton tried nailing Floki with the weapon, but Floki ducked causing Dalton to take out Malik. Floki delivered a nasty move to Dalton taking Dalton out for good. Tiny took advantage of the situation by delivering¬† a leg drop and getting the pin on Malik. After the match Tiny wasn’t done. Tiny wanted to send a direct message to Kaptain Justice that he was coming for his championship soon! Tiny dragged Dalton to the center of the ring preparing to deliver a splash, but Justice had other plans for Tiny. Justice ran out the back entering the ring and took Tiny down with a huge clothesline. Justice went for the Chokeslam, but Tiny broke the hold rolling out the ring. Justice begged for Tiny to reenter, but Tiny only smiled telling Justice July 3rd there will be a new heavyweight champion. Around this time Malik and Dalton made it to their feet, but Malik remained upset with Dalton for the hammer shot. The two began pushing and shoving one another causing Justice To Step betwwwn the two. Malik angrily left the ring telling Dalton July 3rd he better be ready.

After all this action there’s no telling what might happen this week! What is the status of Dalton and Malik’s friendship? Who will be the opponents for Brooks and Payne’s VCA tag team championships Friday, July 3rd? Will Jake respond to Crazy Jack’s challenge? Will Syn’s mind games finally get to Xander? Can Kaptain Justice finally put away Big Tiny? This and a lot more will be answered this Friday night at 8pm. 3035 Directors Row inside the Directors Plaza II Suite E Memphis, TN. Adults $10 & Kids $5.

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