Saturday , 13 July 2024
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2 out of 3 series continues


This Friday night, Malik and Allen Dalton will continue the best 2 out of 3 series with the colossus team of Big Country. Malik and Dalton have yet to get on the score board whereas Big Country easily won the first match of the series just as Big Country said they’d do. Dalton and Malik have continued to struggle in their recent meetings with the team of Big Country leaving many to believe that they might not make it to Broken Hearts Friday, February 6.  Big Tiny and Xander Raines has publicly made it known that not only do they want to beat Malik and Allen, but they’re looking to become the first ever VCA tag team champions. Big Country insists that there’s no tag team capable of taking out Big Country, especially not the team of Malik and Dalton which is another indicator on why they think they’d be perfect candidates for the tag titles. Terra Rae hinted that the titles could pop up any day now by saying that she’s got a surprise that’ll make everyone in the company step up their game, but knowing Terra that could be anything. Not too pleased with Big Country’s ego, Cymba recently weighed in on the team saying that he’s going to find him a partner to go toe to toe with the newly formed duo of Xander and Tiny. With all of this currently going on without the tag titles in place, one could only imagine the turmoil that would take place if they were to ever see the light of day.

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