Thursday , 20 June 2024
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2 out of 3 series


Last night at VCA’s weekly Friday show, Xander Raines and Big Tiny announced they wanted to have the best 2 out of 3 series against Malik and Allen Dalton. The duo claimed they would be fair and wipe the slate clean, meaning the loss that Malik and Allen suffered last week wouldn’t count. The team we now know by the name of Big Country, informed everyone the beginning of the series would begin last night. Malik and Dalton accepted the challenge and series of matches leading into VCA’s Broken Hearts Friday, February 6.  Malik and Allen would give their best effort, but it just wasn’t good enough to dethrone the team of Big Country as the two gladiator of men once again plowed threw Malik and Dalton. Big Country now leads the series 1-0. With one more win like the one last night, Big Country would have the series easily won. Malik and Dalton have to find a way to get on the board in this series or they’re done. With the tag titles soon coming into play one would think that Big Country would be the forerunners.

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