Wednesday , 22 May 2024
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5 minute Challenge!


This Friday is VCA’s MegaFest and fans are livid about the spring spectacular being only days away. One of the most anticipated bouts is the VCA heavyweight championship match between champion Rodney Mack and challenger Andreas Sanchez.

To many, this match was for sure to be a slaughter fest waiting to happen because no one had faith in Sanchez winning a match against the Redd Dogg. To be honest, no one had faith in Sanchez winning the 2016 Battle Royal, but he did.

Mack was feeling so confident in his ability of destroying Sanchez that it was brought up that Sanchez couldn’t last 5 minutes in the ring with Mack. With that being said the 5 minute challenge match was brought back.

If Sanchez can last in the ring with Mack for 5 minutes, not only will Sanchez win the match, but he’d also become VCA heavyweight champion! That’s right, Sanchez don’t have to pin or make Mack submit, but only last 5 minutes in the ring with the heavyweight champion.

Can Sanchez hold on for 5 minutes in the ring with Mack? Find out this Friday at MegaFest!

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