Wednesday , 22 May 2024
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To the VCA staff and fans,



This is Terra Rae, your wonderful and loving VCA owner. The past few months have really been rough on me as I’ve had to physically compete in the ring, something I’ve adapted to pretty well I must say.



Most recently, I had the privilege of beating sense into Lil T and Michael “The Radio” Clark, but it was for their own good because it’s obvious that their family hasn’t taught them a damn thing in life. As of this moment, Lil T and Mike’s family, you’re welcome!



Not only have I had the responsibility of running a successful company, but I’ve also been burden with the task of trying to work with Big Tiny, someone that doesn’t have a clue about operating a business. Tiny’s outlook on the wrestling business is worse than dealing with the pathetic women that try attacking me every Friday night at my weekly event.



As much as I don’t want to do this, it’s time for me to take a leave of absence. Yes that’s right, I’m going on vacation. In my absence, Big Tiny will have full control of Velocity Championship Action. Hopefully, the dummy won’t run the company into the ground before I return, but when I do return there will be a lot of changes!



Until I return,

Terra Rae
Fifty Percent Owner of VCA

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