Saturday , 13 July 2024
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Allen Dalton wins the Juniorvative title



Last night, VCA’s Law & Order lived up to it’s expectations as every match proved to be a good one. It was a great night for the fans of VCA, but it was an even better night for fan favorite Allen Dalton. Although Dalton didn’t win the Battle Royal for the VCA heavyweight championship, Allen did walk away with a title. Terra Rae got her wish on Dalton not winning the heavyweight title, but fate would step in allowing for Allen to win the Juniorvative title against Brooks. Dalton battled Brooks in the opening contest and it was a down right fight between the two. Brooks showed that he was the better wrestler of the two by showcasing fancy and complicated signatures that left Dalton perplexed. Still not wanting to give up, Allen blasted Brooks with hay-makers slowing down and intercepting Brooks’ technique one move at a time. Dalton would soon lock in the Crossface, but Brooks was long from tapping. Brooks was able to save himself from the deadly submission that has sent Dalton to the pay window night after night. After countering a well executed pin by Brooks, Dalton took advantage of a small opening getting the win over Brooks and becoming VCA Juniorvative champion. It has not be stated on when Brooks will receive his rematch for the title.

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