Friday , 12 April 2024
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Andres Sanchez’s mask gone!?!


Everyone wondered what Crazy Jack’s message meant last week when he informed everyone that Sadie told him not to worry about becoming VCA tag team champions due to her wanting him to focus on making the Superstars of the VCA suffer, but after seeing Crazy Jack’s actions this week everyone understood. While Andres Sanchez was on the verge of defeating Brooks in singles action, a message began playing on the sound system causing Sanchez, the referee, and everyone else in the studio to become distracted. Seeing as how Sanchez’s attention was somewhere else, Brooks delivered the Zigzag to Sanchez and stealing the win. As if that wasn’t enough, the cryptic message began playing once more after the message. The message implied that Sanchez had been lying to the VCA fans and that the truth would come out soon. Sanchez argued against the message become upset and claiming that the message was false. As the fans pondered on who was delivering the message, Crazy Jack appeared from underneath the ring. The fans yelled for Sanchez to turn around, but it was too late as Jack drilled Sanchez to the mat with the Wasteland. Jack then proceeded to unlacing and taking off the mask of Sanchez. As Jack took Sanchez’s most prize possession, referee’s ran from the back aiding Sanchez with a towel covering the once masked Superstar’s face. We’re going to keep everyone  updated on this latest story.

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