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Andres Sanchez takes on Crazy Jack this Sunday





 Leading up to the biggest event in the Spring, we here at the Velocity Championship Action Offices will be covering most of the events of the huge show. These articles will be based on the matches taking place at MEGAFEST. The first match to be covered by this will be none other than Andreas Sanchez facing off of against Crazy Jack in a bout of vengeance:

Andreas Sanchez was embarrassed weeks back after Crazy Jack did the unthinkable after costing Sanchez a match against Brooks. He was distracted by a very eerie and disturbing message that echoed out over the Studio PA system. This message, while cryptic, displayed one message….the message to expose the true Andreas Sanchez to the entire VCA audience.

One can only wonder just what in the world Crazy Jack is talking about. Could Sanchez really be hiding a dark secret? Is Crazy Jack just so far gone he is imagining things? Or is this all a master plot by Crazy Jack’s skull, Sadie? One thing is very clear, no one on the VCA roster is safe and Crazy Jack will stop at nothing to fulfill the wishes of Sadie.

Jack will take Sanchez to the limits at MEGAFEST, and there will be no one to stop Crazy Jack from exposed and trying to destroy Sanchez. Be sure to come out on April 5th, 2015 as VCA presents MEGAFEST! Tickets are $12 and belltime for the show is at 6 pm. No one will want to miss an show as big as this, so be sure to get your ticket!

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