Friday , 12 April 2024
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Wrestlers and fans are excited about this upcoming Law and Order event taking place Friday, March 6 which will feature TNA Impact Wrestling and one half of the American wolves Davey Richards, but now there will be even more to be excited about. We’ve been informed by Terra Rae that the main event of that evening will feature a 15 man over the top Battle Royal featuring 5 mystery people. Rae hasn’t informed us on who will be filling the slots, but Terra promised that she’d at least let know who two of the mystery participants will be. Rae did inform us that she knows for sure that Allen Dalton will be the number one entry.  As if our hearts weren’t already pumping fast enough, Terra added that the winner of the Battle Royal will be crowned the new and first ever VCA Heavyweight champion. That’s right, VCA will crown the first ever heavyweight champion at Law and Order Friday, March 6.  This is news to our ears as we can’t stop pondering about the upcoming event. This type of news could cause friends and partners to turn on one another. What if a woman was crowned the VCA champion? What if an outsider was crowned champion? So many questions, but we will find out who the new VCA heavyweight champion will be Friday, March 6.

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