Saturday , 13 July 2024
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Our staff here at the VCA office have been working extremely hard to give fans the latest and breaking news on the status of VCA superstar Chris Evans. After a day of waiting, we’ve finally received word from our CEO, Terra Rae, on Evans’ position in the company.

We want to remind everyone Evans competed in a Win or be Fired match this past Friday night. This match was booked by Terra Rae due to Rae claiming Evans made inappropriate advances towards her in order to make it to main event status. The stipulation made by Rae only applied to Evans not Xander Raines.

Earlier that night Justice defended his VCA heavyweight championship against Nick Lowe in which Raines interfered causing the match to result in a disqualification, but the referee awarded the match to Justice. Raines and Lowe continued to pound and ground Justice hoping to injury the champion, but as we made it to the main event we found this not to be true.

Justice returned the favor to Raines, but failed to realize his interference would cause his friend Evans the match and his job. Raines, just like Justice, won his match via disqualification.

Moving forwards to today, Terra Rae informed us she’s thought about it and she’s willing to give Evans another chance, but there’s a stipulation. Rae informed us if the VCA heavyweight champion, Kaptain Justice, is willing to hand his championship over to her this Friday night she’d give Chris Evans his job back. Rae said that’s the only way she’d employ Evans again. Rae said she’s not looking for an answer today, but Friday she’s opening the show to see what Kaptain Justice’s answer will be.

There you have people! The CEO has spoken and it looks like Justice will have a very hard decision to make. Will Justice keep his championship or will Justice hand the championship over to reinstate Evans? Join us this Friday night at 8pm to see Justice’s answer and all the stars of the VCA.  3035 Directors Row inside the Directors Plaza II Suite E Memphis, Tn.

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