Thursday , 20 June 2024
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Brooks and Sanchez takes on Payne and Justice


This Sunday, Anthony Payne will team with VCA’s hero, Kaptain Justice, in taking on the Juniorvative champion, Brooks, and his partner, Andres Sanchez. The match resulted from Sanchez distracting and causing Payne to suffer defeat at VCA’s Broken Hearts against Shawn Hoodrich. Payne hasn’t forgotten about the incident and has been seeking retribution against Sanchez since the incident. Sanchez agreed that he’d accept the match, but only if Payne agreed to take on him and Brooks. Payne agreed, but failed to inform Sanchez that he got a surprise of his own, and that surprise is Kaptain Justice. The Kaptain has agreed to team with Payne in taking on Brooks and Sanchez. Justice has made it clear that he’s looking to clear the VCA of wrongdoers one villain at a time. This is for surely to be one that no one will forget. This special Valentine’s Day event will take place at 6pm and all women will get in free. All other admission is only $10.

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