Friday , 12 April 2024
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Brooks becomes the Juniorvative champion


This past Friday night at the VCA studio, Brooks issued a challenge to Anthony Payne claiming that Payne was nothing more than a simple minded wrestler that everyone praised for no apparent reason. Payne, who didn’t appreciate Brooks’ tone, informed Brooks that he could say what he wanted, but at the end of the day he was the reigning Juniorvative champion. Payne added that not only did Brooks’ words not matter to him, but Payne informed Brooks that he wasn’t to simple minded when he defeated Brooks and Andres Sanchez the past week. Brooks was outraged by Payne’s message, but Payne stood his ground not backing down from Brooks. Payne told Brooks that since he felt that he could defeat him, he’d put the Juniorvative title on the line against him that night in which Brooks accepted the challenge. The two would go on to have a classic match matching one another’s speed and agility as the two at one point were tag team partners. Brooks tried his best to put Payne away, but the VCA fans just wouldn’t allow Payne to die. The chants of the fans got louder and louder as they lifted Payne back onto his feet to fight the St. Louis Bad Boy off. Things got so hot and heavy that Brooks had no choice but to result to using an illegal item. Brooks entered the ring with a stop sign hoping to blast Payne, but the referee immediately acquired the item placing it back out the ring. While the referee was busy getting rid of the sign, Brooks grabbed the Juniorvative championship and nailed Payne in the head. The referee reentered the ring not seeing the belt and beginning to count but Payne kicked out. Brooks was stunned. The fans just wouldn’t let Payne die. Brooks tried grabbing the belt once more, but this time Payne was ready. Payne dodged the belt and attempted to deliver an Ice Breaker but Brooks shoved him to the ropes causing the two to collided with double clotheslines. A banged up Brooks made his way over to Payne and uniquely executed his Sharpshooter catching Payne and the fans off guard. Payne already injured from a previous back injury during a match with Sanchez quickly tapped out. Brooks is the new Juniorvative champion but this could be short lived because Payne has already exercised his rematch clause for this Friday.

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