Saturday , 13 July 2024
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Chris Evans doing odd jobs?


As everyone now know, Chris Evans was fired this past Friday night after losing a Win or be Fired match to Xander Raines. Keep in mind it was a match exclusively set by Terra Rae.

Chris Evans told us he’s passionate about what he do and can’t help but to feel a certain way about being fired. Evans said what hurts more than anything is not being able to compete for his fans. Evans informed us he’d try everything in his power to return to the squared circle as soon as possible.

Not wasting any time, Evans immediately contacted Rae about his job status, but Terra has been slow to respond to Evans. As mentioned in an earlier article, everyone found out Terra said Evans could possibly have his job back this Friday night, but only if Kaptain Justice relinquishes the VCA heavyweight championship.

Monday morning Rae sent us the picture above of Evans at Home Depot getting material for her condo. Rae said, “For now he’s going to do what he’s told just to be around my company, but if he wants his job back as a wrestler that relys on Justice’s answer.”

Join us this Friday night as we find out more on this story! 3035 Directors Row inside the Directors Plaza II Suite E Memphis, Tn. Bell time 8pm. Adults $10 & Kids $5.

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  1. Chris don’t have to worry about me being disappointed, i am never disappointed in him. He is a great wrestler still, he have a lot of interruptions in all is matches. Chris Evans better known as da Kyd you still a SUPER STAR to me and to all of your other fans as well and as long as i have breathe in my body i am going to cheer for YOU. If they try to turn you into a dirty wrestler I am still going to cheer for you.

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