Saturday , 13 July 2024
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Ewing & Tiny want the heavyweight championship

This past week Johnny “Memphis Cowboy” Ewing announced that he was throwing his name in the running for the heavyweight championship. Ewing claimed he’s earned it after defeating talent such as Anthony Payne, Jake, and others.

Ewing and Uncle Calvin claim Ewing has one of the most impressive streaks in the company and no one can deny it. Uncle Calvin even went further to say that he knew Jason Hall was at home recuperating, but Uncle Calvin said Hall needed to announce Ewing as a number one contender.

Not only did Ewing and Uncle Calvin endorse Ewing as a number one contender, but Tiny also revealed that he too would be throwing his name in the hat for the heavyweight championship.

Tiny claims that Ewing isn’t the only one with an impressive streak as he too have been on a roll lately. Tiny informed fans that his wins came from hard work whereas Johnny’s wins came from Uncle Calvin’s assistance.

No one has heard anything from Mr. Hall, but it’s expected that Hall will speak on the matter soon. It should be noted that two more contenders will be announced alongside of Tiny and Ewing if the two are named as contenders for the championship.

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