Saturday , 13 July 2024
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Fresh Prince attacked by Malik & Brooks

After causing his team a huge 8 man tag team contest this past Friday night, Mike was attacked by former tag team champions, Malik and Brooks, who took the liberty of making sure Clark would never cause their team another contest.

The artists formerly known as the Greatest on Earth, Malik and Brooks, competed alongside of Clark and the Crown Prince this past Friday evening competing against the Brothers In Arms, Dwayne, and Tavis in a contest that would decide each individuals fate.

The contest would be a stellar one, but in the end Clark was no match for the unstoppable one half of the VCA tag team champions Tank. Tank would outsmart the junior champ ending with Clark taking a Last Shot to the back of the head which ultimately led to Clark’s demise.

Not only did Mike lose the contest for his team, but Clark caused Malik & Brooks to lose their tag team name as well as their Egyptian personas. Making matters worse, the well put together and orchestrated stable put together by Brooks was no more.

This didn’t sit well with the former champions as they felt they had to do something about the disrespect and embarrassment Clark caused. Before one could blink, Malik and Brooks nailed Clark knocking the junior champion to the floor.

After assaulting the champ more on the floor, Malik and Brooks decided it was time for Clark to really pay by placing a chain around the champs neck. Just as the duo were about to implement their plan, the BIA intervened running the former tag champs away. Fans were stunned!

Fans and wrestlers are looking to Clark to see what Clark has to say about the attack this week. Make sure to keep up with VCA by visiting here, our YouTube channel, or our official Facebook page.

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