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Friday, August 12th

What an incredible event that took place last week at the VCA studio. Fans were treated to the best action the Mid-South had to offer when they attended the Charlie Parks Tribute event and this Friday will be no different!

Already signed, Mike “The Radio” Clark will face Brooks in a return match for the Juniorvative championship!

Mike stated that he should be Jr. champion right now and this Friday he will be! Terra Rae weighed in on the topic and said normally she wouldn’t give a person of Mike’s caliber what he wanted, but Rae insisted that if Mike wanted his ass kicked that’s what she’d give him this Friday. 

A new team has developed within the company and that’s the team of Daniel Miraculous and Johnny “The Sleeper” Gilbert. The two made themselves known as a unit when they attacked Chris Evans last week. 

It’s rumored that the two want the VCA tag team championship and will be competing for the titles Friday, September 2nd at the Super Show. 

This Friday, Daniel will go one on one with Allen Dalton whereas Gilbert will take on Evans in singles competition.

After losing once more in the triple threat match this past Friday night, a frustrated Big Tiny has to start from the bottom once more to receive another title shot. 

Rae informed the VCA office that Tiny will receive no special treatment and have work his way back into the title picture just like everyone else. Rae said as of now there will be no championship opportunities for Tiny.

As for this Friday, Tiny will compete against Malik who was successful in his First Blood match against Allen Dalton Friday night. 

Also scheduled to appear: Lil T, Terra Rae, Jake, Andreas Sanchez, and more! Tickets for adults are $10 & for kids $7. Bell time is at 8pm. The address is 3035 Directors Row inside the Directors Plaza II Suite E Memphis, Tn. 

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