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Friday, January 13th 

Things are already heating up with the new co owners of the company as it would seem that they’re attempting to show one another up this Friday night!

Terra Rae has already stated that this Friday she’s giving Brooks a rematch against Lil T for the Juniorvative Championship! Wow! A rematch this Friday night at a regular show!?! 

Also this Friday night, Rae says one half of the VCA Tag Team Champions, Allen Dalton, will go one on one with Malik in singles action. 

Not to be outdone, Big Tiny said he’s giving Michael “The Radio” Clark a rematch against Terra Rae this Friday night since Johnny Ewing wanted to interfere in the match. Tiny said out of all people he knows what it’s like to get screwed out of a match. Tiny said hopefully Clark can redeem himself this Friday night.

Also, to keep Johnny Ewing busy this Friday, Tiny said Ewing will compete in singles action against one half of the VCA Tag Team Champions, Chris Evans.

VCA fans will also be treated to a special interview conducted by Big Tiny with the returning Kaptain Justice who made a huge impact last Saturday night by interfering and causing Brooks his Juniorvative Championship. 

Join the cast of VCA this Friday night at 8pm. The address is 3035 Directors Row inside the Directors Plaza II Suite E Memphis, TN. Adult ticket prices are only $10 and kid ticket prices are only $7. 

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