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With so much craziness that took place this past Friday night and a record of one hundred and ten fans jammed packed into the VCA studio, Terra Rae has decided to allow some of the VCA stars to release some built-up frustration this Friday night!

One of the matches already booked for this Friday night is the current Juniorvative champion, Brooks, going one on one with Allen Dalton. Last week, Rae informed everyone that Dalton and Chris Evans will team Friday, July 1st at the Supershow to take on the team of Brooks and Malik.

Another singles match booked for this Friday is Evans versus Malik. With so much hatred between all four men there will be no love loss this Friday night. If anything, the four probably are excited about slugging it out before the July 1st date.

We’re also set to hear from Johnny “The Sleeper” Gilbert on his reasoning for attacking Big Tiny this past Friday night. Gilbert is also set for one on one action this Friday night.

Just like Gilbert above, we’re looking to hear from Tiny on his feelings towards the attack by Gilbert. Tiny is scheduled to take on the returning Daniel Miraculous this Friday. Miraculous had an impressive return last week when he defeated Allen Dalton in singles action. Can Daniel dethrone the top fan favorite of the company this Friday?

Also scheduled to appear this Friday night, Crazy Jack, Jake, Lil T, and more!

Tickets are $10 for adults and $7 for kids.  The address is 3035 Directors Row inside the Directors Plaza II Suite E Memphis, Tn.

Remember, you can get your advanced tickets to the Supershow Friday, July 1st now! The Supershow will feature VCA heavyweight champion Rodney Mack and former WWE women’s champion Jazz. Advanced tickets for adults are $15 & for kids $7.

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