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Friday night results

Brooks and Brooks II

This past Friday night drama filled the VCA studio from match one to the ending of the show.

The show opened with Malik standing in the ring informing everyone that he should’ve known better than to trust Brooks as a tag team partner. Malik called Brooks a big mouth egotistical liar that always lies to get what he wants.

Malik said after Brooks betrayed him last week he now know that people like Brooks are not to be trusted. Although Brooks claimed he’s the reasoning behind their team getting the victory over the Mortons, Malik argues that if it hadn’t been for him holding the leg of one of the Mortons they would’ve never won.

Malik informed everyone he’s accepting Brooks and TNA Impact Wrestling’s Dj Zema Ion’s tag challenge at Extravaganza. Malik said the two injured and put his last tag partner out of commission so he’s looking to get some revenge. Malik guaranteed the live crowd that he will have a partner at Extravaganza Sunday, December 28th!


As Malik brought his speech to a close, Crazy Jack entered the studio and informed Malik that Sadie said his soul belonged to her. The initiated a singles match between Jack and Malik in which Malik came out with the victory after executing a school-boy for the win.
The second match featured Syn, who wasn’t feeling well that evening. Although Syn wasn’t himself, Syn couldn’t help but brag on the fact that he defeated Allen Dalton at the anniversary show in a First Blood match. Syn’s bragging became so bad that he said he didn’t need Tiny’s help and wish that Tiny would keep his nose out of his affairs before something ends up happening to Tiny.

This didn’t sit well with Tiny and the heavyweight champion entered into the studio after hearing his name being mentioned. Tiny told Syn he didn’t enter the studio for him at the anniversary show, but Tiny insisted he entered to see the number one contender up close and personal. Tiny added that if Syn didn’t watch what he say he would kick his ass!

Syn didn’t take kindly to Tiny’s word either and the two prepared to face off, but Terra Rae entered the studio for a word of her own.

Rae informed the two since they wanted to go at it so badly she was booking the two in a match for the night and that match was to take place immediately!

After battling back and forwards for around eight minutes, Tiny came out with the victory after Syn miscalculated a Curb Stomp which allowed Tiny to connect with a thunderous  Clothesline from hell for the win.

The next match featured who we thought would be Chris Evans versus Brooks, but as Evans called out Brooks, he got Brooks II, Brooks evil cousin.

Evans ran to the entrance way and grabbed Brooks throwing Brooks in the ring, but the person he grabbed was Brooks II. The real Brooks dashed from the back attacking Evans allowing for Brooks II to make it to his feet. The two began assaulting Evans leaving Evans for dead. It was then everyone realized that the match was a handicap match sanctioned by Terra Rae.

The two took turns the entire match pumbling Evans giving Evans only a minimal comeback. The match took a turn when Malik entered into the studio causing a brief distraction for Brooks. The distraction allowed Evans to choke out Brooks II with the Chris Cross giving him the win for the evening.

After the match a pissed off Brooks informed everyone next week he and Brooks II would take on Malik and Evans in a tag match.

Allen Dalton was next to arrive in the studio and he was pissed about losing to Syn due to Tiny’s interference last week. Dalton informed the fans that at Extravaganza there will be a new champion and that champion would be Allen Dalton.

Just as Dalton mention this, Rae entered the studio and informed Dalton that there’s no way he will defeat Tiny at Extravaganza Sunday, December 27th. In the meantime, Rae told Dalton he’d be facing Jake in a Street Fight match just as his friend had done last week.


During the match, Dalton was once again busted open and blood squirted out like water from a water fountain. Jake definitely put the hurting on Dalton, but Dalton came out with the win after he scored with his A.D.


After the match Tiny entered the studio with the heavyweight championship held high letting Dalton know he was the man to beat.

Join the VCA stars this Friday night at 8pm. Adults pay $10 & Kids pay only $7. Also, get your tickets early for VCA’s biggest show of the year Extravaganza. Early tickets for Adults are only $15 & Kids $10. At the door Adults pay $20 & Kids pay $10.

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