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Friday night results 7/31/15

Last night the VCA crew rocked the house with competitive matches from the opening match to closing.

The show opened with what Terra Rae claimed would be a heart felt speech she’s been waiting to deliver for weeks. Rae began by informing everyone Chris Evans was the one trying to sleep his way to the top and she wanted no parts of it. Terra said Evans pushed himself on her weeks ago in an attempt to be the top guy and that’s why she had been trying to expose Evans lately. Rae claims she never wanted Evans but only wanted to show everyone the type of person Evans really is. Terra said Evans didn’t fall for her attempts so she had no choice but to reveal Evans true identity. Of course Evans didn’t take kind to Rae’s words so it didn’t take Evans long to enter the studio.

Evans stormed the ring calling Rae a liar and slut. Evans said the truth is Terra wanted him to sleep with her in exchange for championship opportunities, but Chris said he wasn’t having it.

Terra told Chris she had nothing to lie about, but since Evans wanted to deny the truth she was booking him in a match against fellow friend Allen Dalton. Rae also said just because she could, she was booking Malik against Kaptain Justice later in the evening. Rae said Sunday everyone would know the truth after Tiny demolishes Evans.

Dalton entered the studio in disgust not agreeing with Rae forcing him to compete against Evans for the Juniorvative championship. Throughout the match, Evans scored with a Lariat, Suplex, and Missle Dropkick from the Heavens. Not to be outdone, Dalton executed a corner clothesline into the Bulldog, a devastating Neckbreaker, and a sick Whisper in the Wind. In the end it looked to be all Evans as Evans tried applying the Chris Cross, but Dalton countered the move and hit Evans with his A.D. for the win. After the match Evans and Dalton showed there was no bad blood between the two.

Malik and Kaptain Justice were up next. Before competing, Justice informed everyone Sunday he’s going to shut Cymba, the Miraculous King, and Xander Raines down once and for all. Justice insists he’s going to get respect from the trio as champion one way or the other.

During the bout, Justice executed a side walk slam, back body drop, and a series of charging attacks which kept Malik from his usual high flying stunts. Malik battled back with a Superkick, corner Dropkick, and submissions hold, but this wouldn’t be enough to hold the champ down. Justice would drill Malik to the mat with a Chokeslam after a failed Brainbuster attempt by Malik. Terra Rae ended the match after claiming she had seen enough and ordered the two to get the hell out of her ring. Rae said she’d see them both this Sunday at the Charlie Parks Tribute Show.

The main event featured Big Tiny versus Anthony Payne in singles action. Tiny debuted a new look and couldn’t wait to break his new pair of boots in Payne’s butt. Of course it wouldn’t be right without Terra near ringside so Rae decided to join Tiny. Saying this match was a mismatch would be an understatement, but Payne did what he could delivering a spinning European uppercut, multiple strikes, and diving attacks from above to take the big man off his feet. In the end it was all Tiny as Tiny plowed through Payne with the Pounce. Instead of covering Payne, Tiny left the ring and in entered Brooks.

Maybe the match was a set up all along. Brooks entered the studio claiming he had the results from the paternity test. Payne’s alleged babymomma stood by Brooks side as Allen read the results to an interested and tuned in crowd. Allen informed Payne he was the father, but Dalton said he wasn’t speaking directly to Payne, but to Brooks. The fans shouted and erupted laughing at Brooks as he tried explaining himself. Brooks insisted it only happened once, but the VCA fans weren’t buying it.

Payne called Brooks a dead beat which sent Brooks into a fit of rage. Brooks suckered punch Payne and the two began rumbling on the floor. The two ended up in the ring with Payne delivering three German suplexes.

Join us this Sunday at 7pm as we celebrate with non-stop action for the late great Charlie Parks at the 2015 Charlie Parks Tribute Show. Tickets for everyone are only $10. The address is 3035 Directors Row inside the Directors Plaza II Suite E Memphis, TN. In action it’ll be Reno Diamond vs. Floki, SnS vs. Full Deck, Brooks vs. Anthony Payne, Big Tiny vs. Chris Evans, Xander Raines/Cymba/Miraculous King vs. Malik/Kaptain Justice/Allen Dalton, and much more! See you this Sunday!


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