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Friday night results and Andres Sanchez returns! 12/18/15


Friday night turned out to be a great night of surprises and unexpected returns wowing the fans from one side of the studio to the next.

The night kicked off with VCA owner Terra Rae and her new protégé Johnny “The Sleeper” Gilbert.

Rae informed everyone that she heard Chris Evans’ rant and she was going to give Evans what he wanted and that was a match with Gilbert in the main event. Of course to Evans this was music to his ears as he had be wanting to get his hands on Gilbert for the entire week.

Allen Dalton was up next, but Dalton wanted all the fans to know that Tiny was nothing but a coward who could only attack and jump men smaller than himself from behind. Dalton said Tiny’s ultimate punishment would take place next Sunday at Extravaganza when he loses the heavyweight championship.

Dalton’s opponent entered next, and it was none other than Crazy Jack. Dalton and Jack battled back and forwards for minutes before Jack decided to finish Dalton off with his Wasteland, but Dalton had other plans for Jack. Dalton slid down Jack’s back and connected with the A.D. getting the win for the evening.

After the match Dalton announced he was tired of waiting and wanted Tiny to enter the studio so the two could sign the contract for their heavyweight championship match at Extravaganza next Sunday.

Tiny entered, but not before having some words of his own to say to Dalton. Tiny informed Dalton that the contract he was about to sign wasn’t just a contract, but it was a contract saying that he could beat Dalton’s ass all over the studio.

Tiny signed his portion and then allowed Dalton to sign his as well, but just as Dalton signed, Tiny nailed Dalton in the head with the clipboard. Tiny then pursued to attacking Dalton on the floor, but this too wouldn’t be enough for the heavyweight champion.

Tiny then did the unexpected, and that was Chokeslam Dalton through the table. Referees poured out the back, but Tiny roared striking fear in the referees causing the referees to back off. After Tiny exited the studio the referees returned to aid an injured and fallen Dalton. We haven’t heard word on Dalton’s injuries, but Dalton might not be one hundred percent at Extravaganza.

Malik was up next and his challenger was Jake. The self-proclaimed hardcore Jake dished out a lot, but Malik would soon prepare to finish Jake off with the 450 Splash. Just as Malik was setting Jake up, Crazy Jack reentered the studio shoving Malik off the top ropes. Shortly afterwards, Jack turned to Jake and the two began throwing blows.

Jack informed everyone that next Sunday at Extravaganza he wanted Jake in an one on one match.

One of the most anticipated matches of the week was next, and that was Evans versus Johnny Gilbert. Gilbert entered first and he was accompanied by Terra Rae. Evans entered next, but as Evans entered he ran straight in the ring attacking Gilbert.

Evans quickly tossed Gilbert out the ring dishing out more punishment around the ring. Evans had so much frustration built up from the Miraculous King to Gilbert blately lying to his face and attacking him last week that Evans couldn’t control himself. At this point Evans could care less about getting himself disqualified.

Gilbert mounted some offense, but it was mostly all Evans. Evans soon snatched Gilbert in the Chris Cross, but Gilbert smartly broke free and exited the ring getting himself counted out.

As Gilbert and Rae left the studio, the two informed Evans that this wouldn’t be the last time he’d see them.

The final segment of the show featured Brooks and Brooks II who was ready for Malik to sign his portion of the contract for Extravaganza.

After insulting the crowd with rude comments, Brooks was finally ready to get down to business. Brooks informed the fans that Dj Z had faxed his signature in and that he had already signed his, but Brooks revealed that Malik and his partner still had yet to sign. Brooks added that if Malik didn’t have a partner to sign, Malik would have to compete at Extravaganza in a Handicap match against himself and Dj Z. Brooks would then call Malik to the ring.

Malik was reluctant to sign at first, but after becoming tired of Brooks and Brooks II rants, Malik decided to sign. Brooks laughed at the fact Malik had no partner which cause Malik to snatch Brooks over the table. As Malik did this, Brooks II attacked Malik from behind. The two began assaulting Malik causing the VCA fans to become abrupt.

Just as Brooks prepared to lock Malik into the Sharpshooter, Andres Sanchez entered the studio and began going to work on Brooks. Malik and Sanchez cleared the ring forcing Brooks and Brooks II to retreat. While in the ring, Sanchez signed the contract becoming Malik’s official partner for Extravaganza Sunday, December 27th.

Remember, there will not be a show this Friday, but there will be one Sunday, December 27th. Extravaganza’s bell time is at 5pm. If you haven’t got advanced tickets adult prices are $20 & kids  $10.

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