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Friday, November 10th

One week after VCA’s Anniversary event, Terra Rae and Big Tiny stated that it’s time to shake things up again as VCA’s biggest event of the year, Extravaganza, is right around the corner. This is something that both co-owners of the company can agree on.



This Friday night, Terra Rae said that Michael “The Radio” Clark will defend his Juniorvative championship in singles action. Rae mentioned that as a fighting champion one must be prepared to defend their championship at any given moment. Terra said that Clark will defend his junior championship against none other than Terra Rae.



Also, newcomer Rob Danger has requested a rematch against VCA’s deranged star Daniel Miraculous. After feeling violated by Daniel this past Friday night, one can clearly see why Danger wants a rematch. Big Tiny stepped in and informed us that this match will occur whether the Miraculous One likes it or not. The two are scheduled to meet this Friday night.



Next, VCA heavyweight champion, Johnny Ewing, returns to action after being medically cleared. The heavyweight champion is scheduled to compete alongside fellow Cabinet member, William Princeton Harris, to take on the team of Big Tiny and Lil T in tag action.



Also scheduled to appear: The Greatest Show on Earth, “The Chicago Kid” Q, Xander Raines, Spiderman, and more! Join the VCA stars this Friday night at 8pm. All tickets are only $10. The address is 3035 Directors Row inside the Directors Plaza II Suite E Memphis, TN.


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