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Friday Results 7/24/15


Last night as promised, the VCA crew delivered with non-stop action! There were “pipe bombs” dropped and surprised attacks.

The show kicked off with Brooks, Big Tiny, and Terra Rae. The owner and CEO of the company, Rae, informed Chris Evans she told him he’d pay for declining her offer and his payment will take place next Sunday at the Charlie Parks Tribute Show at the hands of Big Tiny. Brooks, someone who is never shy of the mic, told everyone he had a surprise for Payne for the evening. No one comprehended what the surprise might be, but many knew it would be no good!

Brooks and Tiny’s opponents, Payne and Evans, arrived in the studio next and they arrived to a standing ovation. As Payne and Evans made their entry in the ring, Brooks revealed the surprise which happened to be a pair of pink g-string panties. Fans were appalled that Brooks would showcase such a thing before such a sensitive crowd.  Payne was outraged! Payne couldn’t believe Brooks would go that far to ruin his life knowing he’s a family man. Brooks claims the panties were from Payne’s alleged babymomma. Evans had to restrain Payne for ripping Brooks apart before the match took place.

The match wouldn’t be a pretty one as the participants had no remorse or likings for one another. Early in the match Payne scored with three multiple German suplexes on Brooks turning Brooks inside out. Brooks would immediately tag out to Tiny who would enter to do his own damage. Tiny would execute a huge leg drop, body slam, and a sick clothesline attempting to decapitate his opponents. Just when Evans hooked his new finisher on Tiny, the Chris Cross, Rae would insert herself in the match. In the end, it was all Tiny as he plowed through Evans with the Pounce!

Xander Raines cut a backstage promo telling everyone he’s the new number one contender for the VCA heavyweight championship. Raines informed the audience the match wouldn’t take place at the Charlie Parks Tribute Show next Sunday, but Raines insisted whenever it did people would have no choice but to accept it. Raines wanted everyone to know the paper champion, Kaptain Justice, would only be a vivid imagination soon. Raines stated at the Tribute show he, Cymba, and the Miraculous King would take care of Allen Dalton, Malik, and Justice.

As Raines made his way to the ring for action, Crazy Jack entered. Jack informed Xander he heard his comments towards him last week and didn’t like it. Jack told Raines if he’s at the bottom of the barrel then Raines is nothing more than an overweight hog. Raines wasn’t pleased by Jack’s comments, but Xander couldn’t wait to get his hands on someone before meeting at the tribute show.

The match between Jack and Xander wasn’t a match, but it was a downright brawl. The two exchanged heavy shot after shot making it hard for the referee to get control. Jack would fight Raines off by delivering a corner clothesline, a splash, and a boot to the face, but this wouldn’t keep the Grenada Beast down. Not to be out done, Raines hit Jack with a diskette clothesline, a big elbow, and a suplex. Jack seemed to be absorbing the punishment as he laughed when Raines was dishing it out and asked for more. Jack thought he was in control when he applied one of his signatures, the Claw, but would soon found out to otherwise.  Raines, showing his strength,  broke the move and drilled Jack to the mat with the Moonshine Hangover getting the victory for the evening.

Kaptain Justice, Malik, and Dalton were seen next in a backstage segment were Justice informed Malik and Dalton he couldn’t wait for the tribute show to get his hands on Xander. Malik and Dalton told Justice they had his back next Sunday at the tribute show no matter what.  

Syn and the Bearded Dragon Floki arrived in the VCA studio next and they too had a few things they wanted to say about the Charlie Parks Tribute Show next Sunday. Syn reminded everyone back in the Southaven, Ms. days he, Floki, and Dj Stunner tore the house down weekly alongside of Full Deck and Reno Diamond. Syn claimed they were all big money draws, but Syn insisted he, Floki, and Stunner were the true stars. Syn ended his promo by telling everyone they will all find out who the better team is next Sunday at 7pm.

Justice and Dalton would enter the studio next hoping to seek retribution for Justice’s loss weeks ago due to Raines abandoning Justice. Syn and Floki brought it during the match with creative and innovative moves from wheelbarrow leg drops to head lock drivers. The team of Justice and Dalton showcased their team moves by delivering a suplex splash and belly to back leg drop. In the end Justice would prepare to Chokeslam both Floki and Syn, but Raines would have other plans for Justice. Xander Cymba hit the ring attacking Justice and Allen sending the match into disqualification. Malik tried aiding the duo but he too was put down. To everyone’s surprise, Crazy Jack entered the studio with his wooden staff clearing the ring. Jack hadn’t forgot about Raines’ comments and decided to run out and try and get another shot at Raines. Jack didn’t care to help Justice, Dalton, or Malik, but he did want Xander.
Join us at the VCA studio this Friday night for a special price night. All tickets are only $5!

Then, next Sunday is the Charlie Parks Tribute Show at 7pm. All tickets for the event will be $10. Tickets are on sale now so make sure to grab yours for early entry into the studio. There’s only 20 advance tickets being sold. Payne will go one on one with Brooks and everyone will find out the truth on whether or whether not Payne is the father of an alleged woman’s baby as the paternity test results will be on hand. Chris Evans will go one on one with Big Tiny after Evans has constantly ignored Terra Rae’s offers. Syn, Floki, and Dj Stunner will lock up with rivals Reno Diamond and Full Deck in seeing who’s the better unit. Justice, Dalton, and Malik will team and take on the team of Cymba, Miraculous King, and Xander Raines. Xander said after he’s done forcing Malik to remember where he came from he’s going to go on to take Justice’s heavyweight championship. This and much more taking place Sunday, August 2nd at 7pm. The location for both events 3035 Directors Row inside the Directors Plaza II Suite E Memphis, TN.


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