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Friday, September 4th


This Friday night the VCA fans will see great action and non-stop action. From the beginning match to the main event, fans of all wrestling styles will be treated to an evening of excitement.

It’s confirmed Kaptain Justice will defend his VCA heavyweight championship against debuting Nick Lowe. Lowe has responded and guaranteed the VCA committee that Justice will not walk out as VCA heavyweight champion. Lowe is for sure that Justice won’t be heavyweight champion after Friday night. If Justice can walk out with the championship Friday night, Terra Rae has already stated Justice will defend the championship against Xander Raines at Halloween Massacre. Seems as if Rae wants the heavyweight championship off Justice as soon as possible.

Also this Friday night, Allen Dalton defends his Juniorvative championship against Brooks. Brooks, who has an impressive resume, has beaten the best including one half of the current tag team champions TNA Impact Wrestling’s Davey Richards. Dalton said he isn’t intimidated by Brooks and won’t go down without a fight. Dalton said this Friday he’s going to make Brooks tap numerous times and even make Brooks tap to the Sharpshooter. Rumor has it Brooks isn’t the only one that has a problem with Dalton but we’ll find out more soon.

Mike Cobb makes his return to the VCA studio, but there won’t be a red carpet laid out. Cobb’s opponent, Syn, claims he’s isn’t impressed with Cobb or Cobb’s so called ability. Syn insists he’s the best in the area and that’s all that matters. This past Friday Syn showed the VCA fans he was more than ready for Cobb by defeating his brother Suicide in an electrifying contest. Syn cut a promo this past week saying after Friday everyone will know he’s better than Cobb.

Terra Rae said this Friday will be the end of Chris Evans career. This past Friday, Rae revealed a stipulation on the Xander Raines versus Chris Evans match and that was if Evans doesn’t win Evans will be fired. Evans will be facing one of the biggest challenges of his career when he takes on Raines this Friday night. Many feel there’s no way Evans will defeat the over 300 pounder while a few are still clinging onto to hope for Evans. This Friday the VCA fans could very well see the end of Chris Evans.

Another match booked for Friday is the Triple Threat Match between Malik, Big Tiny, and Anthony Payne. Terra Rae booked this match claiming she wanted to show everyone just how dominate Tiny can be by allowing him to plow through Malik and Payne at the same time. Malik said if he and Payne could work together during the contest there’s a possibility they can dethrone the monster, but Payne said Malik is on his own. Payne said he’s going to suplex both Malik and Tiny and win the match with an Ice Breaker.

This Friday join the VCA stars as they once again showcase who’s the best. For the first time an outsider, Nick Lowe, could walk out VCA heavyweight champion by defeating Kaptain Justice? Will Dalton make Brooks submit to the Sharpshooter or will Dalton be another victim to Brooks Sharpshooter? Who’s better, Mike Cobb or Syn? Will this be the last time the VCA fans witness Chris Evans in a VCA ring? Can Payne German Suplex Tiny? Find out this Friday at 8pm. Tickets on sale now for only $10. 3035 Directors Row inside the Directors Plaza II Suite E Memphis, TN.

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