Thursday , 20 June 2024
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Jason Hall’s Kiss My Ass Club

VCA Principal Owner Jason Hall and Big Tiny are set to compete at VCA’s Hall of Pain III Saturday, June 6th at 8pm. Before the two meet, Jason Hall says he has something special planned for Big Tiny the night before Friday, June 5th at VCA’s t-shirt night.

At VCA’s t-shirt night, Mr. Hall says he’s going to induct Big Tiny into a special club one that no one will ever forget. Friday, June 5th, Mr. Hall says Tiny will be the first inductee into the Jason Hall Kiss My Ass Club.

Mr. Hall says Big Tiny will get on his knees and pucker up and kiss his bare ass. Mr. Hall says he know Tiny will be reluctant to do so, but Mr. Hall says Tiny will have no choice after he’s done with Tiny that night.

VCA’s t-shirt night will take place Friday, June 5th at 8pm. T-shirt night will be free for anyone wearing a VCA’s star t-shirt. Anyone not wearing a VCA wrestler t-shirt is asked to pay $5.

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