Wednesday , 22 May 2024
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VCA opened the doors for former WWE women’s champion, Jazz, this past Friday night and boy did she make an impact on the company. 

VCA owner, Terra Rae, challenged Jazz weeks before claiming she was going to drag Jazz from one end of the studio to the next, but for those that were in attendance that wasn’t the case. 

From the start of the match at the Super Show, Rae mouthed off telling everyone that she was going to show everyone who the baddest bitch was and it wasn’t Jazz.  

Jazz entered the ring and the two immediately began talking trash to one another. Rae shoved Jazz prompting Jazz to shove Rae back. 

Rae then tried rushing Jazz, but the former WWE star ducked and slapped Rae causing Rae to hit the mat in almost a split form. 

From that point, Rae became pissed and tried rushing Jazz once more, but this time Jazz took Rae down by connecting with a roundhouse kick. 

Rae was out! Jazz finished off Rae by making her submit making their Friday night’s match one of the quickest match in VCA history! 

Rae isn’t too pleased by the loss so the VCA superstars better get ready to pay this Friday night.

Join the VCA cast this Friday at 8pm. Adult ticket prices are  $10 and kid ticket prices are  $7. Bell time is at 8pm. The address is 3035 Directors Row inside the Directors Plaza II Suite E Memphis, Tn.

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