Saturday , 13 July 2024
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Johnny Ewing’s open challenge

Former VCA heavyweight champion, Memphis Cowboy” Johnny Ewing, says he’s issuing an open challenge to anyone who’s man enough to accept.

Ewing issued the challenge after claiming he’d become sick and tired of being overlooked when everyone can clearly see he’s the top guy within the company. Ewing asked the question, “how many more wimps must I beat before I’m given what’s mine?”

Ewing’s referring to the VCA heavyweight championship which Ewing feels should be his at this point. Ewing insists there’s no man more deserving than the Cowboy to hold the championship.

Ewing said if he had to go through the entire roster and more he’d do so. After brutally beating the “Chicago Kid” Q last week with a leather strap, it’s evident that the Cowboy means business.

Find out what Johnny has in store for the VCA roster this week on VCA!

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