Saturday , 13 July 2024
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Johnny Gilbert fired! 

As everyone know by now, Johnny “The Sleeper” Gilbert is no longer with the company after this past Friday’s TGIF wrestling event.

The match came about after Xander Raines entered into the studio and issued a challenge to anyone in the back after Daniel Miraculous went A-wall weeks ago. Raines said if he had to he would drag Terra Rae from the back and wrestle her. 

Raines felt as if Rae owed him a match after weeks ago Rae telling Xander that he had to compete against Tiny and if he did, which he did, Xander would pick his stipulation against Daniel at the TGIF event. 

Rae entered into the studio and informed Raines that since Daniel wasn’t in the building, Rae said Raines would compete against Gilbert in an I Quit match for the evening. Rae was so upset with Raines calling her out that Rae said the match would also be a Loser Leaves Town match in which Rae hoped Raines would lose.
Well, Raines didn’t lose, meaning that Johnny “The Sleeper” Gilbert is no longer an employee of VCA. At this time, VCA would like to wish Gilbert well in his future endeavors! 

Join the VCA cast this Friday night at 8pm for VCA’s 5 year Anniversary show. All tickets are only $10.

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  1. If he’s fired I’m done with VCA….😠😠😠

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