Saturday , 13 July 2024
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Johnny Gilbert versus Xander Raines


Friday night will be a night of Mayhem as VCA presents it’s spring spectacular event, MegaFest. The event is for sure to bring fans a night of action and memorable moments. One match occurring this Friday is the Bunkhouse Brawl match between Xander Raines and Johnny Gilbert.

Raines has specialized in these type of matches due to his country background and sequence of matches similar to this one that he’s been exposed to over the years.

Gilbert on the other hand is inexperienced in these type of matches as he’s only a newcomer in the world of wrestling. One thing one can say about Gilbert is that Gilbert is no joke!

Gilbert doesn’t have a background in this type of match, but what Gilbert does have is a background in street life and fans have seen this throughout Gilbert’s tenure as a VCA star. Gilbert has been known to utilize his chain in matches knocking competitors out left and right.

One thing for sure is that Gilbert will have to bring his all this Friday when he competes against the Grenada Beast from Grenada Mississippi. Gilbert will have to bring more than just a chain of he wants to put Raines to sleep.

Remember, this match will be a Bunkhouse Brawl match which means anything is legal! If Raines wants to pick up the entire ring and drop it on Gilbert it’s legal.

Join the stars of VCA this Friday night at 8pm for MegaFest. There are only 14 advanced adult tickets left for the price of $20. At the door Friday night adults will pay $25 and kid prices are $10.

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