Wednesday , 22 May 2024
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Kaptain Justice Cleanses USA of Chacatu


There was intensity in the air, as the fans erupted. Kaptain Justice had arrived on the scene, and opposite to him, the Japanese Warrior, Chacatu. Chacatu looked to unmask the American Hero and disgrace him as well as all of American who roared for Kaptain Justice to take Chacatu out. You see, this wouldn’t be any ordinary match, it would be one of more bizarre and spectacular occasions. It would be a Mask vs. Career match and it would be anythong short of phenominal. Kaptain Justice looked to be destroyed by the Japanese Sensation, but he would not let his company, himself, or America down. Chacatu would eat an All Amercian Chokeslam, but that wouldn’t stop him. But Justice wouldn’t be broken or hindered in any way. Another thunderous chokeslam would bring both men crashing to the mat, shaking the very foundations of the ring itself. 1….2….3…! The greatest moment in all of American history! Chacatu would be issued a one ticket back to his home country of Japan. Justice had made good on his promise to remove evildoers from VCA and America. He would finally give Chacatu a piece of appreciation of America as he is now gone. Now, can Justice pvercome the true evil that lies within Crazy Jack? Find out this and more this Friday and every Friday at 8 pm, located at 3035 Directors Row, Plaza II Building E for Velocity Championship Action as they lead into Broken Hearts on February 6th! Also be sure to check the VCA Facebook page, YouTube Channel, and continue to check back here on the OFFICIAL VELOCITY CHAMPIONSHIP ACTION WEBSITE.


-Alex Shirley reporting in for VCA

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