Thursday , 20 June 2024
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Kaptain Justice takes on a new challenge


Kaptain Justice proved to everyone that he has the red, white, and blue running through his veins by defeating and sending Chacatu back to Japan. Now that the American hero has cleansed VCA of the Japanese warrior, Justice is looking to seek revenge on the guy, if you can call him that, that’s been a thorn in his side since his return and almost cost him his mask last week during his match with Chacatu. Kaptain has made it very clear that February 6 at Broken Hearts he wants Crazy Jack in singles action. Justice briefly spoke to us saying that February 6 Crazy Jack will take a ride referring to his finisher the Chokeslam whether he wants to or not. We’ve heard no word from Crazy Jack and probably will not, but Jack’s actions as of late tells us that in no way will he back down. Jack recently shouted out during a match yelling that Justice’s soul belongs to him. Only time will tell who’d be the winner between these two at VCA’s Broken Hearts.

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