Saturday , 13 July 2024
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Kaptain Justice versus Crazy Jack’s Buried Alive match


From the top of VCA’s Broken Hearts until the end of the event the fans were hyped. VCA’s Buried Alive match closed the show out with a bang sending the fans home happy and satisfied. The match was a dirty one as Justice and Jack slugged it out from one end of the studio to the next. Both men tried throwing and ridding the company of one another not once but multiple times. Jack even went so far as bitting and throwing dirty in the eyes of Justice attempting to blind the American hero. Towards the end of the match Jack scored with his Wasteland finisher by drilling Justice to the mat with all his strength. Everyone stood in shock fearing the end was near for America’s son. Crazy Jack dragged Justice out the ring and onto the burial grounds tossing Justice in the grave. There was nothing but dead silence echoing through the studio as the VCA fans had given up on Justice. From out of nowhere, Justice began fighting out of the grave hitting Jack with everything he had battling back towards the ring. As the two ended up back in the ring, Justice delivered a big boot followed by a massive Chokeslam taking Jack down. Justice dragged Jack to the burial site and scored with another Chokeslam dropping Jack six feet under the grave and winning the match. Kaptain Justice had done it! Fans gathered outside the ring congratulating the hero on his never die spirit.

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