Saturday , 13 July 2024
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Mortons versus Malik and Brooks?


One of the weirdest bouts taking place this Friday night at the anniversary show is that between the Mortons and Brooks and Malik.

This tag match was placed together by the CEO Terra Rae. Rae claims she wanted incoming team, the Mortons, to compete against VCA’s best and two of VCA’s best is Malik and Brooks.

Now if you’re a fan of VCA you’ll know that Malik and Brooks aren’t fun of one another and have had a couple of memorable matches in the past that have left a lasting impression on many.

Most recently, Brooks and TNA Impact Wrestling’s Dj Z teamed up to take on Malik and a former star in which Brooks and Dj Z came out with the win. Not only did the two win, but they completely took this former star out by breaking his arm. Malik vowed to make the two pay for their dirty deed making this current situation more perplexed.

We have yet to get a word from Brooks or Malik on the subject, but we’re sure they’re not happy! To find out how this one goes down be sure to be in attendance this Friday at 8pm. All tickets $10.

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