Friday , 12 April 2024
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At last night’s weekly Friday night event, Brooks, the Juniorvative champion, had a contract signing with newcomer Lil T.

During the signing, Brooks revealed that T sustained an injury during a workout at the gym and was instructed by the doctors to not compete at the upcoming Charlie Parks tribute show event.

Although it’s unclear when T will return to in ring action, Brooks stated that he didn’t care and tried forcing T to sign the contract.

Just as T was about to sign knowing he shouldn’t, T’s cousin and VCA referee Mike, prevented T from signing.

Mike informed T that it was not in his best interest to sign the contract and stated that he loved T and didn’t want to see T injured further by competing.

Brooks then shoved referee Mike down and pursued in trying to force T to sign the contract. At one point Brooks became so adamant about T signing the contract that he forcefully shoved T in the corner yelling and telling T to sign. 

At this point, Mike had enough! Mike twirled Brooks around and connected with a dropkick sending Brooks whaling through the middle ropes and onto the floor. 

Mike stood his ground for him and his cousin and then did something no one seen coming. 

Mike signed the contract for a shot at Brooks and Brooks’ Juniorvative championship at the Charlie Parks’ tribute show this Friday night!

Terra Rae rushed from the locker room and informed Mike that she had enough of Mike interfering and interrupting her plans and matches. 

Seeing that Mike had already signed, Rae said Mike is no longer a referee in VCA and he’s now stepping in the ring as a competitor! Mike is now a VCA star!?! 

Off camera Terra said that Mike wanted to become a wrestler so bad and now he will have his opportunity, but Rae insists that Mike want enjoy it as much after Brooks gets done with the former referee. 

Make sure you’re in attendance this Friday as the stars of VCA show tribute to the one and only “Sniper” Charlie Parks at the Charlie Parks Tribute show! The event takes place at 8pm. The address is 3035 Directors Row inside the Directors Plaza II Suite E Memphis, Tn. Adult tickets are $20 & kid tickets are $10.

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