Friday , 12 April 2024
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Terra Rae versus Amber


This Friday night not only will the VCA men be in action, but the women of the VCA will be in action too! The CEO of the company, Terra Rae, will compete against the camera woman, Amber.

This match came about when Amber voiced her opinion about the way Rae ran her company to others in the company. Amber insisted that Terra was a horrible boss and that she needed to treat her employees better.

Rae wasn’t too happy with Amber’s opinion and decided to confront Amber, but the only thing was that the confrontation got physical. Over the next weeks the two would go back and forth attacking one another verbally and physically.

Terra tried convincing Amber to abandon the match, but Amber said she was following through with the match no matter what which prompt Rae to inform Amber that if Amber couldn’t defeat her at MegaFest she’d be fired!

Find out if Amber will be fired this Friday night at 8pm. There are only 11 advanced adult tickets remaining at the price of $20. At the door prices for adults are $25 and kid prices are only $10.

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