Thursday , 20 June 2024
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Terra Rae’s new team named!


Everyone wanted to know and the duo of Xander Raines and Big Tiny are calling themselves Big Country. Big Country has announced that they’ll be delivering some important information to everyone in attendance at VCA’s weekly show this Friday night. Terra Rae said she was going to form one of the most unstoppable tag teams in the area and she’s done just that with the team of Tiny and Xander. As mentioned before, Terra not only put this team together in an effort to take out Allen and Malik, but Terra said she wants gold. And by gold Terra’s referring to the VCA Tag Team titles. Big Country said they heard the “Hardcore Legend” Cymba’s message and the duo said their not interested in putting an already crippled old man back on the shelf. Big Country added that if Cymba knew what was best for him he’d stay retired. Will Malik and Allen be able to overcome the odds? Who can stop these unmovable objects? Looks like the VCA Tag Team titles could as well go Big Country.

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