Friday , 12 April 2024
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VCA will present live wrestling action this Friday! VCA is always brought to you in the VCA Studios and prices are only $10 for ADULTS and $5 for KIDS. Children 5 AND UNDER get in free! We are on the Road to VERDICT and tensions have gotten high!

Last week was full of action and excitement but things would take a turn for the worst when Chris Evans would be forced into his Tag Team Championship match against the Champions, Brooks & Payne, in a Handicap Match. As if that wasn’t bad enough, Anthony Payne would give Evans continuous Ice Breakers, even after Evans could no longer stand. Evans reportedly has a concussion and is expected to return next week.

Terra Rae would end up under the skin of the monster, Big Tiny. He cold heartedly assault official Fred Jackson. We will keep you updated on Jackson’s condition as we receive more information.

As if things weren’t already bad enough, Heavyweight Champion, Kaptain Justice, and Juniorvative Champion, Allen Dalton would team to face Syn and Jake. The match would be very back and forth as you could sense the tension between them. In the end, Syn would drive a devastating knee that would knock Dalton out cold. Syn would then scoop a lifeless Dalton and deliver the Canadian Destroyer. Dalton was left in bad shape. He is being checked on this week and hopefully will return to action soon.

Afterwards, Jake would begin beating Justice down as he tried to save Dalton. Jake would use a trashcan lid to take advantage of the situation. Justice finally managed to run Jake off after Syn got out. Justice invited Jake back in the ring once he got the trashcan lid. It’s going to be a crazy ride to VERDICT and you don’t want to miss any of it!

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