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This past Friday night!


Velocity Championship Action kicked off this week’s Friday night show with a bang as another jammed packed crowd were treated to non-stop action!

Terra Rae, the owner of VCA, opened the show with a few surprises of her own. Rae introduced the new VCA Tag team champions, Kaptain Justice and Chris Evans. The fans erupted as the two entered and were proud of their accomplishment from last week, but that would soon be short lived after Rae’s announcement. Terra informed the duo after reviewing the footage she determined they should not be the tag team champions. Rae came prepared as she treated the fans to a video showing proof of Justice tapping out to Brooks’ Sharpshooter. Terra added she felt cheated and sickened by Evans and Justice claiming to be the rightful champions when they know they weren’t. Rae then called out Brooks and Payne rewarding them the championship titles. Justice, Evans, and the VCA fans were shocked and stunned by Rae’s announcement. Terra said Justice and Evans win didn’t count and would be erased from VCA’s history books. Terra insisted that she was a fair boss and would let the two teams compete in the main event for the tag team titles.

Allen Dalton found himself in a close call situation as he defended his Juniorvative championship against newcomer the Bearded Dragon Floki due to Rae claiming Dalton needed better competition. The two would have an epic battle showcasing their skills and trying to show one another up. In the end Dalton was able to hold on to his title, but not by pinfall, but via disqualification. Floki nailed Dalton in the head with a nearby kendo stick purposely getting himself disqualified. One might begin to think Terra had something to do with this, but that can’t be proven as of yet. As if that wasn’t enough, Floki would deliver a Cradle Piledriver drilling the Jr. champion to the mat. Malik, who earlier we found out would be Dalton’s next opponent for his Juniorvative championship Friday, July 3, ran out to aid his friend in a time of need. Floki quickly exited the ring. Fans can be guaranteed this one isn’t over!

Xander Raines took the stage next still on a high from his return last week. Raines thanked the fans for welcoming him back and insisted he returned not only to seek revenge on Tiny, but to save Fred Jackson’s job.  As Raines said this, Syn entered cutting the big man from Grenada’s speech off. Syn claimed Raines was nothing but a glory hog seeking attention. Syn added he’d expose Raines’ sins and allow everyone to see just who the real Xander was. The challenge was made and the two would find themselves competing in singles action. In the end Syn would deliver a low blow causing the referee to signal for the bell. As the Beast from Grenada remained on his knees feeling the effects of the groin shot, Syn would deliver a sickening Curb Stomp. Syn then continued to assault Xander utilizing weapons attacking the shoulder of Xander. We’re told Xander suffered only minor injuries to his shoulder and will be in attendance next Friday. Syn announced later that night he would be focusing on Chris Evans’ sins real soon.

As mentioned above, Terra booked this match for the VCA tag team titles between Brooks and Payne and Justice and Evans. Both teams gave it their all battling back and forward, but in the end Brooks and Payne would retain their championship titles. Brooks was able to execute a school boy on Justice as Justice was distracted by Big Tiny. No one knew why Tiny was at ringside, but soon found out. After the match Justice would try fighting the over 380lbs monster off, but it was short lived as Tiny crushed the heavyweight champion to the mat. Evans tried intervening but he too would be put down by the monster. Tiny would put Justice down one final time revealing to everyone that Friday, July 3 he’s going to take the heavyweight title once and for all. Apparently Terra gave Tiny another opportunity at the heavyweight championship.

Join us this Friday at 8pm. 3035 Directors Row inside the Directors Plaza II Suite E Memphis, TN. Adults $10 & Kids $ 5.

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