Thursday , 20 June 2024
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This week on VCA the Interim Owner Big Tiny returns to VCA and Tiny says he has a lot of things to work out because he can’t have the prisoners running the asylum. Tiny says he’s been missing in action due to health reasons but the Interim Owner says he’s feeing better than ever and he’s ready to get to work.

With Jared X Rawlings returning this week, Tiny says his first order of business is to schedule a tag team contest between Jared X Rawlings and Michael Clark to compete against Tavis and Juniorvative champion Daniel Miraculous.

Also, Tiny says he heard the VCA Tag Team Champions, the Greatest on Earth, message last week and he wasn’t pleased. Tiny says this week the tag team champions will return to action so the two can keep their big mouths shut before the two end up suspended.

Also, Tiny mentions that Dwayne and “Big Motor” Rick Henry will return. Tiny says the two fan favorite stars will be in action as well as the returning star Justice and the “Memphis Cowboy” Johnny Ewing.

The Interim Owner says VCA Heavyweight Champion Tank will be in action as well as The Black Mamba Q. Tiny says he know the two don’t get alone but Tiny says the two will for the sake of business.

This and more this week on VCA! Let it be known that Tiny is set to become the official owner of VCA Wrestling at Extravaganza.

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