Thursday , 20 June 2024
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VCA’s Interim Owner Big Tiny has announced the TV CHAMPIONSHIP TOURNAMENT after months of hyping the newly created championship. Tiny insists it’s time to get the ball rolling and crown the first ever VCA TV champion.

Tiny announced this morning that the TV championship will be up for grabs in an eight man elimination tournament between the following participants: Michael Clark, Daniel Miraculous, Brooks, Dwayne, “Black Mamba” Q, Tank, Jared “X” Rawlings, & Tavis.

Unlike the weekly VCA events, Tiny announced the first & second round of the TV championship tournament will take place exclusively on Facebook Live. Tiny added that fans can view the TV championship live via Facebook the first couple of weeks.

Tiny stated this TV championship tournament is his way of giving fans an extra dose of VCA without having fans pay a fee. Stay tuned to VCA’s Facebook page to find out when fans can view the TV tournament live.

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