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Everyone has been speaking on the fallout of Hall of Pain II, but more specifically the main event contest which featured the former VCA heavyweight champion Big Tiny and former VCA junior champion Daniel Miraculous.

Towards the end of the Tiny versus Daniel contest, VCA Owner, Jason Hall, yelled for Tiny to finish the contest in which a remorseful Tiny was able to finish the Miraculous One with a Tiny Bomb. Although Tiny won the contest fair and square, Jason Hall wasn’t just done with the former heavyweight champion.

Hall found a chair underneath the ring and passed it to Tiny telling Tiny to blast Miraculous with the chair, but Tiny refused saying he would do no such thing. After all, Tiny and Miraculous were friends and was forced into competing against one another thanks to Jason Hall.

After refusing to do as Mr. Hall requested, Miraculous took the chair and blasted Tiny with the chair dropping the former champion to the mat. As if the devastating chair shot wasn’t enough, Miraculous delivered a sickening DDT to Tiny laying the fan favorite star out.

The results of the attack is said to leave Tiny out of action for weeks. Tiny suffered a hair line fracture to his shoulder but it’s said that Tiny is already expected to make a full recovery.

Miraculous on the other hand said he’s glad that Jason Hall opened his eyes letting him see that people will never accept him for who he truly is. Miraculous said he’s fully aware of who he is and is excited to finally get back to what’s important and that’s the Miraculous One. Miraculous added that no one else matters because it’s time to introduce everyone to a new and improved Daniel Miraculous.

Tiny’s son, the “Chicago Kid” Q, is said to be upset with Miraculous as Q considered Miraculous to be a friend. This week the one half of the tag team champions will go one on one with the Miraculous One and this one will get ugly.

Also, Dwayne is set to compete against the “Fresh Prince of Memphis” Michael Clark in singles action in a non championship singles falls contest. After Hall of Pain II, Dwayne is looking to get a little payback on the Fresh Prince. The Crown Prince is expected to accompany the junior champion to the ring in which Dwayne says he has an antidote for the Crown Prince.

Brothers In Arms member, Tank, will go one on one with the VCA heavyweight champion candidate the “Memphis Cowboy” Johnny Ewing. Both VCA stars were successful at Hall of Pain II. Tank, along with Q, defeated the Greatest on Earth to become the two time VCA tag team champions whereas Ewing was able to defeat Anthony Payne in a down right rugged contest.

The former tag team champions, the Greatest on Earth, are expected to be in action as well as other VCA stars. This week’s event is one that no one wants to miss. Continue to follow our Facebook page for the latest news and videos.

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