Thursday , 20 June 2024
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VCA’s Battle Royal Friday, March 6 at Law and Order


At VCA’s Law and Order Friday, March 6,  there will be a 15-man over the top Battle Royal to determine who’d be the the new and first ever VCA Heavyweight champion. VCA has only had one Battle Royal in recent history, but one thing for sure is that big men rule. One of the favorites going into the Battle Royal is the over 350lbs mammoth Xander Raines. Looking back at Raines’ performance last year one can’t help but to think that Raines will become champion March 6. Another favorite to win the Battle Royal is VCA’s favorite, Allen Dalton. For surely everyone can remember last year when Dalton entered as number one and showcased his willpower by being one of the last three. From the looks of things nothing has changed with the numbers because Terra Rae has once again entered Dalton as number one. With Xander and Allen being the projected frontrunners to become VCA heavyweight champion, what if we’re all wrong? What if an under dog such as Andres Sanchez or newcomer Chris Evans takes it and becomes VCA heavyweight champion? Only time will tell so make sure you’re in attendance Friday, March 6 at 8pm.

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